3rd November 2013

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29th July 2013

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LAMPGOD & **Ł_RD//$M$*** “**INPUBLIC??”


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This vibe is coming from a cassette/VHS with a title stylized as $$EXT8PE — yes  $$EXT8PE(the following link leads to NSFW watching, really NSFW),the first of any output to come from the new label bootleg tapes. The pair responsible includes LAMPGOD (who’s latest solo tape, DIGITALVHS,was also released on a VHS tape) and **Ł_RD//$M$*** (a producer also known as bessedof I’ve been following on SoundCloud for a good while). There’s lovable loops all over this thing, a few more favorites of mine below. 

28th July 2013

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28th July 2013

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8th July 2013

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8th July 2013


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3rd July 2013

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2nd July 2013

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30th June 2013

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